Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pioneer families & couples married in St. Gabriel's

Early pioneer families are woven into St. Gabriel's history  The ladies in the   R.F Brown, W.M. Brown, E.L. Brady, S. D Geiger, M.E. Gruber, W. Hars, J. Mabbette, James Pritchard, G Robbins, A.A. Stewart, E Spencer, T. Whitmore, E.B. Wager, F.T. Budge, G.  Ensey, Cole, and Cleveland familes will be forever remembered for their gift of the church bell donated on Easter of 1891.  The bell bears all of their names and still rings the call to worship.   

As part of our celebration, we would like to honor descendants of our founding families, as well as descendants of Titusville area  pioneer families, with a reception to be held after the service on Friday, May 3.  On this special weekend, we will have an opportunity for couples who were married in St. Gabriel's to renew their vows during a special service on Saturday, May 4.  

If you are a descendant of a pioneer family who settled in the Titusville area prior to 1900 or if you were married in St. Gabriel's and would like to renew your wedding vows, please contact us at or call the church office, 321.267.2545

Pioneer descendants, please provide your name, mailing address,  the family to which you belong and the year they first settled in the area.

Couples, please provide your names, mailing address and the date you were married. 

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