Tuesday, May 21, 2013

125th Anniversary commemorative bookl

You won't want to miss out on this look at St Gabriel's history.  The story is told with newspaper articles, pioneer family and church photos and artifacts carefully woven into the narrative , making for an interesting read.   These limited edition,hand bound gems with hand made fabric  cover are going fast     Contact the church office for your copy.   321.267. 2545.  9 am to noon Monday through Friday or info@stgabs.org

Sunday, May 12, 2013

St. Gabriel's 125th Anniversary Commemorative Book- Limited Edition

Would you like a copy of our 125th Anniversary Commemorative Book?  These limited edition books are hand bound with a beautiful hand sewn fabric cover.   

You may choose from two different backgrounds behind the title; lace or musical notes.

Supplies are limited and may be purchased from our church office during the week M-Fri between 9 &12.  They are also available after services on Sat & Sunday.
Phone 321.267.2545   email: info@stgabs.org

What WE Wore

This Week in Titusville March 29, 1888 post included "What They Wear".  See what  WE wore for our anniversary celebration May 3-5, 2013

Friday, May 3, 2013


Thursday, May 31, 1888 - The First Service

May 31, 1888
In our report of entertainment for the benefit of the Episcopal Church, we forgot to mention the tableau of "Rock of Ages", personified by Miss DeCantillion Ronald, by clinging to a snow-white cross imbedded in a mound of coquina.  The effect was beautiful, and Miss Ronald acquitted herself with great credit.

The work of the contractor on the new Episcopal Church has been completed, and Bishop Weed is expected to arrive on this(Thursday) evening's train to confirm the members of the preparatory confirmation class.  Mr. Decker has completed the work in the time specified in the contract, and now the work of painting, seating and placing windows will follow next.

Opening of the new Episcopal church at eight o'clock this (Thursday) evening.  Invitation to be present is extended to all.

Episcopal service will be held this evening, at the new church, at eight o'clock.  Bishop Weed will be present.


The news the Church was ready and confirmation would be held in the church that Thursday evening meant there was much to do in a few short hours to make it ready for the service.   While construction was completed, it was not painted, there were no pews, no windows, and no organ.  For years, the small band of Episcopalians had met in their own homes, Titus House and Wager Hall, and now they were to have their own church, St. John’s (later renamed St. Gabriel’s).   As they worked throughout the day, preparing, they must have been filled with excitement and anticipation.  
The lack of furnishings and "comforts" did not hinder the congregation.  Tarpaulins were placed over the windows and orange crates brought in for seats in preparation for the evening service.  The ladies quickly rose to action and that afternoon set about decorating the church with flowers.  By service time, according to the Florida Star, “the altar had been tastily decorated with flowers”, and “with the neat and attractive interior of the church afforded an impressive and lovely picture.”  At the appointed time, under clear skies, the congregation and townspeople filed into the new church, filling it to overflowing.  In this beautiful setting with pleasant weather (mean temperature 77), Bishop Weed confirmed four candidates, Misses Albine and Aline Egger, Miss Hundall and Miss Pritchard.

This evening, May 3, 2013, St. Gabriel's begins its 125th our anniversary celebration. During this time, let us remember the early families of St. Gabriel's who worked so long and hard to build the church.  Their prayers echo from the walls of the church surrounding and supporting its congregation.  

St. Gabriel's is located in Historic Downtown Titusvile
on the corner of Pine & Palm

Please join us at 6 pm, and step back in time to that first service; share in the excitement and joy that surely filled the early parishioners 125 years ago.  

St. Gabriel's "In the News" as work begins on the new church

April 19, 1888
--Work on the new Episcopal Church commenced on Monday.   We look to see Mr. Decker push the work forward to completion.

--Episcopal service will be held in Wager's Hall, on Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock.  There will also be evening service. The Rev. Archdeacon Carpenter will officiate.

April 26, 1888
--A play entitled "A Scrap of Paper"  is now being arranged for the benefit of the Episcopal Church.  With good luck, it will appear before the footlights n about a month.

--On Sunday evening,  aside from the regular evening service at the Presbyterian Church, Episcopal service was held at Wager's Hall by Archdeacon Carpenter; and also at the Court House by the Rev. J. Bolton.  By including the colored church, services were held by four denominations.

May 10, 1888
--The new Episcopal Church is reaching pleasing proportions to the eye, and by another week will be half completed

--Episcopal service will be held in Wager's Hall, on Sunday morning next, at 11 o'clock.  The Rev. Archdeacon will officiate.

--The  presentation of the play entitled "A Scrap of Paper"  has been postponed for a short time.  It was set for next Tuesday evening, but disagreeable weather has prevented the parties for perfecting their parts.

May 17, 1888
--There will be entertainment at Wager's  Hall to-night(Thursday) consisting of recitations, tableaux and music, both vocal and instrumental, the proceeds to be devoted to the completion of the Episcopal Church.  The admission is only 25 cents, and we hope to see a large attendance.  Children 10 cents only.

--Bishop Weed will arrive at Titusville on Thursday, the 31st, inst., and at that time will confer the rites of confirmation upon those candidates who are properly prepared.  The service will be held in the evening, at the new church, if sufficiently completed; if not, at Wager's Hall.

May 24, 1888
--On Thursday next,  Bishop Weed will visit Titusville to confer the rights of confirmation upon those who have been prepared.  The service will probably be held in the new church, in the evening.

--Mr. R.L. Decker fell from the roof of the chancel of the Episcopal Church Monday afternoon, about three o'clock, and fractured three ribs on his left side.  The staging, which was very slight gave way while he was fastening the cross to the peak of the roof and fell down the roof on to another staging, and from thence to the ground, where he was found in an unconscious condition and remained so even after he had been home for some time.  Had it not been that he struck the staging below the roof he would, undoubtedly been killed by the fall, as he would have struck upon a large tool box just below.  Dr. Wilson was hastily summoned to the relief of the suffering man, and on Tuesday afternoon he was able to sit up in a chair.  Yesterday he walked around a little, but complained of pain from the fractured ribs.  While he was very unfortunate in receiving such a fall, it is quite wonderful that he escaped injuries, that were not more severe or fatal.

--The entertainment, given at Wager's hall, last Thursday evening for the benefit of the Episcopal Church, although it was not as largely attended as it would have been had the townspeople been given longer notice, realized the sum of about twenty-five dollars.  The programme was a most interesting one, and consisted of recitations, tableaux and music.  Miss Walker recited, in her usual good style, "The Legend of Bregenz", and "William Brown and Mary Jane."  Mrs. Brown recited a selection which is a general favorite, the title of which we are not acquainted with.  All the recitations were encored.  The tableaux, "Town Pump", "The First Cigar", and "The Barn-yard Party", were all loudly applauded.  Mrs. Turner gave two instrumental selections on the piano, which were highly appreciated, and Miss Edith Altree sang, "I Heard a Spirit Sing", and "Pass Under the Rod."   After the entertainment was over ice cream and cake were served, and many boquets were disposed of by the little flower girls.  We hope to see another entertainment of this kind given ere long, and hope that a little more time will be given to advertise it to the people.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

This Week in Titusville, April 12, 1888

Local Laconics
--The Hotel Indian River closed formally last week.
--We failed to mention last week that Mr. Ender is about the happiest man in Titusville by the arrival of a baby boy at his residence.
--Mrs. A. W. Buie presented her husband with a bouncing baby last week.  Mr. Buie won't care much about running steamboats now; he will have something else to occupy his time.
--We must congratulate Mr. F. H. Boye, of Delespine, on the arrival of his baby boy, which happened last week. We believe Frank has grown an inch taller since we saw him last.
--Archdeacon Carpenter held morning and evening service last Sunday at Wager's Hall, concluding the morning service with Holy Communion.  The hall and and chancel had previously been artistically trimmed with evergreens and decorated with flowers by the ladies of the Episcopal Church in a manner which was highly pleasing to the eye and appropriate for the occasion.  The ladies who decorated the hall deserve a great deal of credit for their tasty handiwork, also Mr. Hundall for erecting the chancel.  On Sunday afternoon Archdeacon Carpenter addressed a confirmation class at the residence of Mr. Gaulden.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Week in Titusville, April 5, 1888

Local Laconics

  Mr. G.W. Scobie and family started yesterday for a four months' visit to their old home in Connecticut.
  Mr. W. C. C. Branning has  purchased a magnificent upright piano from the  well known firm of Ludden & Bates, of Savannah.
  Mr. M.E. Gruber has returned from a short trip to Jacksonville and St. Augustine.  He undoubtedly  had a very pleasant time.
  Mr. L.C. Oliver has become further interested in business in our town, by purchasing the half interest of Mr. Huckabay, of the firm of Huckabay and Budge.  With the push characteristic of the members of the new firm  we expect to see their business increase as it has with Messrs. Huckabay and Budge since they first started it.
  Episcopal church services will be held at Wager Hall, on Sunday next, the 8th inst. Morning service will commence at 11 o'clock, and there will be Holy Communion afterwards.  The Rev. Arch-deacon Carpenter will officiate.  The time of commencement of the evening service will be given out at the morning service.