Saturday, January 26, 2013

This week in Titusville, Jan. 26, 1888

Mr. W.P. Day is now clearing the timber from Mr. E.L. Brady’s young grove in Turnbull Hammock.  Mr. Day can claim the credit for having helped to make every orange grove in LaGrange.

Delightful  weather in Florida, while people are being frozen to death in other parts of our country.

Mr. L.R. Decker’s horse received a serious injury to the hind leg from coming in contact with a barbed wire fence, last week.

The ladies will call the Bazar or Fair, to be held on the 13th and 14th, proximo, St. Valentine’s Fair.  The prominent feature will be St. Valentine‘s post office, which will undoubtedly, be a great attraction for the young folks.

A party of about a dozen started for the ocean beach, on Sunday, but owing to the light winds did not get any further than Black Point, so they returned about five o’clock in the evening declaring they had  a good time “alle samee.”

The tourists are commencing to arrive in larger numbers now.  The train yesterday afternoon was crowded.

The rumors that were afloat, on Tuesday, that a deaf mute printer named John Hale, who has been at work at the STAR office, was run over by the cars at Sanford, on Monday, are probably true.   Hale left Titusville on Sunday or Monday, and left a note addressed to the editor of the STAR, stating that he was tired of Titusville and was going to the far west-Wyoming or Montana-where rent was not so high, and where he could get remunerative employment.  Some of Hale’s friends here seem to think he may have committed suicide, as he had been very despondent of late.

The Governor has designated Wednesday, the 8th of February, as Arbor Day for 1888, especially recommends its appropriate observance in the way of planting trees and shrubs for the beautifying of public grounds.

Married Conductors Preferred
     The railroad companies, as a rule, greatly prefer that their conductors should be men of family for the two fold reason that they are more easily located when wanted, and, for the influence for good that a loving wife and affectionate children may have over him.  “A man will often hesitate before doing wrong which might send him to the penitentiary when he has a wife and children at home to look after and care for,” remarked a railroad superintendent yesterday.  This led him to say that the fatigues of the long run made the conductors anxious for the peace and quiet of home, and when they have one they can nearly always be found at it. 
     Conductors dissipate very little nowadays.  The man who drinks, even when off duty is not the proper party to intrust with the lives of a great number of people.   It is a rare thing to see one of them in a barroom, and even if seen there he does not tarry long. One of the oldest and most popular conductors in St. Louis is a present laying off with no prospect of securing a job again soon.  He has be resting for a year.  When the superintendent for whom he worked was asked the reason for his enforced idleness he candidly answered that there was nothing against the man except his failing of taking an occasional drink.  The company could not afford to employ men who tippled for such responsible work when there were so many good and temperate men anxious to fill the same positions.---Globe-Democrat

*All spelling is as it was in the "Florida Star"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

This Week in Titusville, Thursday, Jan 19, 1888

Lawn tennis still continues to be the favorite Saturday afternoon sport of our young LaGrangites.

The members of the LaGrange Literary Society are requested to meet at the church Saturday, January 21st at 7pm for the purpose of forming a Chautauqua Literary circle. All others desiring to join the Circle, are cordially invited to attend this meeting. 

There will be Episcopal service, at Wager Hall, next Sunday morning, at 10:30 o’clock.

We hear that the play of “Caste” will shortly be performed in our town.

S. A Belcher has added a new counter to his confectionary and soda-water stand, changing his soda font to a more advantageous position.

The ladies of Titusville will hold a fancy fair or bazaar on the 13th and 14th of February for the benefit of the Episcopal Church.  Among the attractions will be St. Valentine’s post office where valentines can be purchased and mailed: a Dutch garden, an art gallery, and other varieties.  The art gallery will be under the charge of Mrs. M.P. Robbins.  Further particulars will be published later.

The Indian River Steamboat Company expect their new stern-wheel steamer, Georgiana, to arrive on the river in about a week. The boat will take the place of the Cleo, running from Melbourne to Jupiter.  The Georgiana is about 120 feet long and built expressly for her route. 

Important Meeting

A citizen’s meeting will be held at the Court House Saturday, January 21st, at one o’clock standard time, to which everybody is invited.
The object of this meeting is to devise ways and means for opening a public road from Titusville north through the hammock to the county line. It is of greatest importance that every citizen within 15 miles should be present.  We must do something to make our town more attractive, and the magnificent hammock lands, north of town must be opened.  No step has that been taken for years is of such vast moment to Titusville.  If this road is opened, it will give a 15-mile drive, unequalled in the State.   It will afford transportation to the hammock, induce the immediate settlement and cultivation of these rich hammock lands, and will attract tourists, and give a great pastime to the guests of our hotels, and thus instead of only a few guests, our hotels will be crowded …….If we expect to stop people in Titusville and its vicinity, we must show the attractions in our section.  This can never be done without a road…………..Enterprising citizens, will you not turn out in mass next Saturday, and begin at once this important work?

*All spelling is as it was in the "Florida Star"

Pioneer families & couples married in St. Gabriel's

Early pioneer families are woven into St. Gabriel's history  The ladies in the   R.F Brown, W.M. Brown, E.L. Brady, S. D Geiger, M.E. Gruber, W. Hars, J. Mabbette, James Pritchard, G Robbins, A.A. Stewart, E Spencer, T. Whitmore, E.B. Wager, F.T. Budge, G.  Ensey, Cole, and Cleveland familes will be forever remembered for their gift of the church bell donated on Easter of 1891.  The bell bears all of their names and still rings the call to worship.   

As part of our celebration, we would like to honor descendants of our founding families, as well as descendants of Titusville area  pioneer families, with a reception to be held after the service on Friday, May 3.  On this special weekend, we will have an opportunity for couples who were married in St. Gabriel's to renew their vows during a special service on Saturday, May 4.  

If you are a descendant of a pioneer family who settled in the Titusville area prior to 1900 or if you were married in St. Gabriel's and would like to renew your wedding vows, please contact us at or call the church office, 321.267.2545

Pioneer descendants, please provide your name, mailing address,  the family to which you belong and the year they first settled in the area.

Couples, please provide your names, mailing address and the date you were married. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Celebrate with us May 3, 4, 5, 2013

St. Gabriel's is planning a celebration that will be an event to remember in Titusville. Activities and events cover a range of three days, May 3-5, 2013. 

The festivities will commence Friday, May 3, with a service to commemorate the first service held in the church, during which the Right Reverend Gregory Brewer, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida, will perform a consecration renewal using liturgy from 1789.   Music will also be in keeping with what would have been used in 1888.   Period dress is not required, but it is welcomed.   A reception for descendants of area pioneer families will follow the service.

Saturday May 4 begins at 10 am with the reading of a proclamation by Mayor Tulley, a ribbon cutting and then renewal of wedding vows for any couple married in St. Gabriel's    The remainder of the day offers a host of activities including:  antique car show, tour of the church, walking tour of historic downtown, childrens' activities, bake sale, cake walk, period vendors, silent auction, displays by the North Brevard Historical Society, Canaveral Lighthouse and St. Gabriel's, and music, music, music.   There will be food abundant for lunch & supper(very reasonably priced).  A Saturday service begins at 5:30 pm.  In the evening we are pleased to be hosting Celery Street Band and there will be plenty of room for dancing.

Sunday morning May 5, regular services will be held at 7:30 am and 10 am, and all are welcome to attend.   An Ice Cream Social is planned for the afternoon(Hershey's Ice Cream) and a concert beginning at 1:25 PM featuring choirs from the historic churches in Titusville.  The celebration will conclude with a mass choir and closing approximately 3pm.

Details and times will be posted here as we draw nearer to the celebration.  

Follow our posts on this blog , "This Week in Titusville ......1888", excerpts from the "Florida Star" and take a glimpse into Titusvile news during the weeks preceding completion of construction and the first service May 31, 1888/