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This Week in Titusville, Feb. 2, 1888.

The sociable held at the home of Mrs. C.N. Mims was a most enjoyable affair, and all were delighted with it.  The art gallery was a very attractive feature of the evening. The spelling match did not get under way until late, and closed with score at 5 to 3.

Owing to many arrivals, LaGrange has been unusually lively this winter.

Several of our citizens anticipate a visit to the Sub-Tropical at Jacksonville this week.

Did you watch the eclipse of the moon about six o’clock on Saturday evening last?

We learned that the long-wished for side walk, leading from the ticket office to the railroad wharf, will be put down in a few days.

A nicely furnished parlor car is now attached to the daily train from Jacksonville to Titusville, and makes the traveling much more pleasant.

The Rev. Arch-deacon Carpenter will hold divine service on Sunday morning next, the 5th inst., at Wager’s Hall, at the usual hour, 10:30 a.m., standard time. **

Messrs. N.C. Bryan and Peter Fisher have purchased a six-horse power engine with a view of adding the necessary machinery for establishing a steam laundry and wood yard.

C.G. Butt, Esq., judge of the Criminal Court of Orange County; and J.D. Beggs, Esq., State’s-attorney for the Seventh Circuit, have been spending the past week at Titusville, seeking a relaxation from their professional business.  They returned to Orlando yesterday.

Indian River is receiving her share of winter tourists, but they spread over the country in different style from that of former years.

Hereafter no children under 12 years of age will be admitted to the old fort in St. Augustine, unless accompanied by an adult, owing to the danger of falling from the parapets or stairways.

The side walk and road on Pine street has been greatly improved during the past week by the addition of more side walk and the opening of the road.  Appearances would be greatly improved if some more work were done on Washington avenue near, near Main street. 

*All spelling is as it was in the "Florida Star"
**Episcopal Service

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