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This Week in Titusville, February 23, 1888

The President Coming to Indian River

    A dispatch was received yesterday stating that the President and party would visit Indian River, spending one day here.  They are expected to arrive on a special train to-morrow, and the Rockledge with remain over to carry them to the Hotel Indian River.*  Preparations for his coming in the way of floral decorations, etc., are being made today.
    Indian River is fortunate in securing a visit from the Chief Executive of the land, and everyone will be glad to welcome him and his charming wife.
    Thrice welcome to Indian River, Mr. President and wife, and we hope you may have lasting impressions of our tropical section of Florida!


   The appearance of Mr. Brown’s new cottage on the Avenue has been very much improved by a coat of paint.  A good example set for others to follow.
   Mr. G. Thompson, brother of Mr. H. S. Thompson, who has been in ill health for the past few weeks, is now convalescent.  We are happy to see him around again.
   Aurantia will be one vast orange grove and garden some day.  A great portion of the place is located in the famous “Turnbull Hammock.”  The soil is rich and very productive.  Land is sold at low figures as an inducement to actual settlers.


     Mr. B. J. Mims has returned from Rockledge, where he has been busy shipping his orange crop.
     Some of our citizens are planning a trip to Jacksonville, this week, that they may see the President and his wife, and also “take in” the Sub-Tropical.
     Our Sunday School is enjoying the hymnal books recently purchased.  A pleasant hour was spent last Sunday after regular services in practicing the new hymns.

Local Laconics

 --Yesterday was Washington’s Birthday.
 --Mr. S. Belcher has closed his restaurant department.
 --The President and Mrs. Cleveland are expected in Titusville tomorrow.
 --Sheriff Bowman returned from a ten days’ trip to St. Lucie last Saturday, having had a pretty rough trip—is the way he expressed it.
 --The Rev. Mr. Huntington, of Hartford, Ct., delivered an able sermon during the morning service, held at Wager’s Hall, on Sunday last.**
 --We heard some reports of an expected marriage ceremony to take place this week, but up to this time, we have not been able to trace it to a certainty.
 --Clearing up and burning scrub was the order of the day Tuesday.
 --Sheriff Bowman ran down and cornered a fox in the scrub near town early yesterday morning and killed him.  The baying of the hounds had the beneficial effect of waking up some of our late sleepers in the morning.
 --The contract has been let to Mr. L. R.  Decker for the erection of the Episcopal Church, and the same is to be completed, according to the terms therein by the first of June; but the contractor informs us that it will be completed before that time.  The cost of the building will be $1600, which amount has been raised by the addition of the proceeds of the St. Valentine’s Fair to the funds already on hand. 
 --Messrs. Fischer & Bryan have secured laundry machinery formerly used by John Allen, at Jacksonville, and will open a steam laundry in Titusville at Gibson’s building, immediately; probably having the same in running order by next week.
 --Captain Hawley started down the river, Sunday, with a party of ladies and gentlemen bound for Rockledge on the Frost Line, but as the wind came ahead, and a few of the ladies were sea-sick, they returned to Titusville just at the proper time for dinner.  Mal de mar did not appear to affect their appetites, however.
 --More new residences will soon be started up in Titusville. We hope the building boom may be as phenomenal as it was last summer.

**Episcopal Services

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