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This Week in Titusville, March 22, 1888

Local Laconics

The celebrated Norwood-Lewis case, which attracted so much attention at the term of court, was up again yesterday morning.  the attorneys have some lively times over it.

Quite a commotion was caused in front of Titus house about 1:30, on Tuesday afternoon, by the capturing and slaying of a rattlesnake that was snugly ensconced under the sidewalk.

Service was held in the new Presbyterian Church for the first time last Sunday.  Mr. Foy has reason to be proud of the work he has accomplished in the time he has been here.

We hear that at a future date it is the intention of some of our ladies to charter on of our small steamers and have a trip to Rockledge.   Small baskets of provisions will, no doubt, be brought by the ladies, as is usual,  and a jolly outing for the day will be had .  Sunday would be a suitable day for those who are closely confined to business six days in the week.

A phantom ball took place, on Monday evening, at Water's Hall.  There was a large attendance, and the affair proved to be quite an enjoyment for our young folks, as well as for the spectators, who were highly amused at some of the ludicrous performances and make-up of the disciples of Terpsichore.  On the whole the dance was a success, and those who were present appeared to have enjoyed the phantom immesely

A fine rain yesterday, with weather cool and pleasant today.

There will be a meeting of the ladies at the residence of Mrs. James Pritchard this afternoon, at three o'clock, to form a Guild.

Rev.Mr. E.L.Turnquaad, of Enterprise, held Episcopal service here last Sunday  with an instruction meeting at the residence of Col. Gaulden in the afternoon of the same day .

The Firemen's Concert, which was announce in the STAR last week for tonight, has been indefinitely postponed on account of the inability to get the parts ready.

Brevard County Day at the Sub-Tropical
       Last Wednesday, the 14th inst., the day set aside for Brevard at the Sub-Tropical, was everything that could be wished for, as the weather was cool and pleasant, with the usual Florida sunshine to make it bright.

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