Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This Week in Titusville, March 15, 1888

Local Laconics
--With daily double trains and several steamers; with an ice factory, steam laundry, steam printing office-Titusville is rapidly approaching the front rank of Florida's towns.  Everything is constantly on the move
--The ladies of Titusville are requested to meet at the residence of Mrs. James Pritchard on Friday afternoon, this week, to form a Guild.  The hour appointed is three o'clock.
--A new road leading from Main street, direct through the hammock just west of Canaveral street, and from thence leading through the Turnbull hammock about half a mile north of town, is now talked of and will be shortly made.  This will give a splendid drive on an excellent road when completed.
--There was quite a large attendance at the Episcopal service, last Sunday, the Rev. Mr. Du Pay officiating. There will be another service next Sunday morning, the Rev. E. L. Turquand, of Enterprise,officiating.  Service will commence at 11 o'clock a.m, instead of 10:30 as heretofore.  
--"Melbournite."  Your communication is too personal, and reflects rather unfeelingly on the character of the party named therein.  Our columns are always open to free and non-libelous discussion; but as the tenor of our communication is slanderous, we must decline to publish it.  The STAR will not be a receptacle for such party spite and malice.
--More people have visited Wager's wharf during the past week than have been in South Titusville for months.  The manatee was the cause of such an influx of visitors.  
--Married, on the 6th instant., at Deisoner House, in Titusville, by the Rev. Jno. Foy, Mr. R. P. Hardy, of Osteen and Miss Fannie S. Bennett of Aurantia.
--We had a cold "snap" from the North this week.
--Sheriff Bowman returned from a trip up the Ten-mile creek, on Monday, where he says he came across about a dozen Seminole Indians on a big "bender."  They had plenty of whisky, and were a merry drunk.  He says that the St. Lucie House, under the management of the genial and hospitable James Paine, is doing an excellent business and everyone going there is well pleased.

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