Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This Week in Titusville, March 8, 1888

--Ducks are very plentiful on the river, and there are still a few deer left.
--The boys at DeSoto have a very fine garden. Their cabbage and cauliflower are as fine as ever grew. There are also a great many tomatoes raised on the Banana River.
--Mr. Gouldbrazen saw a panther the other day, and as luck should have it, his gun was at home.  He had nothing but a tin can with him, so he threw that at it and the panther skipped.
--The next social gathering will be held at Mrs. Roberts’ on Saturday, March 10th.  It will be a “Mum Sociable,” and much fun is anticipated.
--Messrs Chamberlin and Strahan have erected a fine wind-mill, by the use of which they intend to irrigate their place, which will soon be both profitable and exceedingly attractive.

LaGrange Leaves
--Mr. Charlie McCrory is having his new residence nicely painted.
--Miss Julia Feaster spent last week visiting relatives in Titusville.
--Mr. E. L. Brady and family have left LaGrange and moved into their house in Titusville.
--The improvements made during the past week in the cemetery adds greatly to its appearance.
--We are sorry to hear that Masters Joe and Togni Fischer, who have resided among us for the past two years, will make their future home in Titusville.  Joe and Togni are intelligent children, and the LaGrange school, no doubt, regrets having to part with them.

Local Laconics
--Mr. W.W. Davids, from the Sebastian Signal Service station, has visited Titusville during the past week.
--The Adelaide Opera Company did not visit our town on their return from Tampa and Key West.
--We are informed that the Titusville Ice Factory will start up machinery and commence the making of ice next week.
--Arch-Deacon S.B. Carpenter arrived from down the river Monday on his way to other parts of the state.
--Mr. C. C. Curtiss and wife started down the river Sunday for their new home in the Narrows on the schooner Ruby Dye.
--Mr. H.M. Flagler, the proprietor of the famouse Ponce de Leon of St. Augustine, was in town last Saturday, on his return from a trip to Rockledge with a party of his friends.
--Our merchants generally are receiving new and inviting lines of goods in their respective stores.
--Episcopal services will be held at Wager’s Hall Sunday morning next at 10:30.

--Would it be asking too much of our genial friend, Captain  Paddison, to ascertain the amount of business for the last three months prior to the act, to see whether prohibition has affected the interests of business men in Titusville.

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